One Orgasm, Two Orgasm, Three Orgasm, Floor!


I just received my Womanizer 2GO! This is such a great toy to use during foreplay! My partner loves using it on me.  He places it gently on my clitoris and teases me until I just can’t last more, which is usually under 5 minutes. And then I have another orgasm, and another! It’s truly an amazing toy and worth every penny.  I love using it together, but mostly use it on my own.  It honestly comes everywhere with me! It’s so discreet and great for those who travel a lot like me.  It’s rechargeable so you don’t need to worry about having batteries on hand and it’s waterproof.  Most of all, I love the look and performance of the Womanizer 2GO and believe every woman should have one in their purse at all times!



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