An O In Under 5 Minutes? Where Do I Sign Up?


So, according to a study, 98% of Women Reached ORGASM in LESS THAN 5 minutes using the Womanizer 2GO. Am I skeptical? Of course! Am I willing to take the leap of faith? DEFINITELY! This lipstick-shaped adult toy comes from the same people who gave us the Womanizer Pro40 & Womanizer W500 Pro. I haven’t tried either of those, because I was waiting for something smaller. I expected to wait another few years, but it appears as if my prayers have been answered in the form of the Womanizer 2GO!

Will I be part of the 2% who have trouble reaching climax in under 5 minutes? I can’t really say, but I won’t really complain if it takes 6 minutes! The Womanizer 2GO is supposed to mimic oral sex, with targeted and touch-less stimulation on the clit. Whether it’s 2 minutes or 10, I know that I won’t be let down. Cant wait to get this toy!!



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