I Love It & My GF Loves It Even More!


I have owned a few cock rings before but they were never the greatest quality never lasted very long. I finally decided to give the We-Vibe brand a try, since I had only heard good things about them. When I heard that they were coming out with a new cock ring, the We-Vibe Pivot, I knew it was a sign that I had to give it a chance. I have now used it a number of times on my own, as well as with my partner. I have used it enough times to comfortably say that I am obsessed with this product! Although it is meant to be used with a partner, sometimes I flip it around when I’m sitting down and I find it to feel amazing, especially on the highest setting (it has 10 different mode options). However, I find it to work best for what it is originally made for, for couples play. My girlfriend says it feels amazing on her clitoris when she gets on top of me. The Pivot is also very comfortable and I can barely feel it on. It’s also an added bonus that I can change the vibration modes through my phone as a remote, and can create new ones of my own. My girlfriend also connected with me on the app when I was away for business, and we ended up having a lot of kinky fun. It’s nice to still be able to find ways to be intimate when we’re away from each other. Our next step is to buy her a We-Vibe sync so that we have options to use on her when we’re long distance! I highly recommend!



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