Pleasure For Her? Yup! For Me? Ditto! Thanks We-Vibe!


My wife was hinting that she’d be interested in spicing things up in the bedroom lately, so I figured I’d look into some of the latest, cutting edge adult toys on the market. As a bit of a tech geek myself, and someone who loves great value, I decided to purchase the We-Vibe Dream Desire Collection. I hadn’t heard of many adult toy manufacturers prior to this search, but We-Vibe appeared to be at the top of its class in regards to its app. This Dreamy Desire box set comes with a pair of toys aimed to please both partners. Something for him? Yup. For her? Ditto. This collection has it all! It comes with the We-Vibe 4 Plus and the Touch by We-Vibe. My wife LOVES them both! And me? Ditto! They should consider renaming the Dreamy Desire collection to We-Vibe Ditto, because it has it all!

We-Vibe Dreamy Desire
We-Vibe Dreamy Desire


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