The Ditto Is Great For First-Timers!


A friend of mine recently told me that We-Vibe was finally coming out with a butt-plug! I have tried many butt-plugs out already from different brands, so I am always looking to try out new and improved models or brands to see if they have anything different to offer. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the We-Vibe Ditto, especially because of we-vibe exceptional reputation and what they’re known for (the “we connect” couples app). My boyfriend owns one of their cock-rings and we have been very happy with the outcome it delivers, so I figured it would be fun to purchase another we-vibe bloom product so that we can have more options when we do the long distance thing (which is more often than I’d like). I have never had anything in my butt before, so my boyfriend made sure we did a lot of foreplay and used a lot of lube to insert the Ditto during my favorite position – reverse cowgirl! I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did! The tapered shape made It very easy to get in, and once it was in, it was all about testing out the different vibration modes (there are 10 to chose from!) I was crazy about all of them to say the least! I was even more excited when I got to create my own using the app. We even went as far as syncing it to our music and I got to experience some pretty cool sensations! It was all very surreal and we had an amazing night together experimenting with our new toy. My boyfriend even let me try it out on him – and he was pleasantly surprised at what he felt as well! I would recommend the We-Vibe Ditto to couples looking to bloom or experiment with something different!



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