Butt Plug Ecstasy


I have been a proud We-Vibe advocate for years now and am always excited to try out the new products they come out with (if they apply to me!) In this case, I heard the We-Vibe Ditto was coming out and was ecstatic since I don’t own any butt-plugs and this product can be used by anyone! As a transgendered male, I’ve always been curious about using butt-plugs and am actually surprised that I wasn’t curious enough to try one any sooner! I guess part of me never really saw the point since it doesn’t seem very big and I never imagined it would really do much for me since I am used to anal sex with my partner (who is around 3x the size of the Ditto). What sold me was that it lets out vibrations.. and my partner doesn’t have those kinds of superpowers!

When I received it, I immediately decided to test it out. I read the instructions and knew I just needed to relax and used a LOT of lube. It was easy enough to get in, and I decided I would just sit on it and let the vibrations take over. When my partner came home, he was shocked. He said he had never seen that look on my face before – pure ECSTASY – he quoted. I had gotten really into it by the time he got there.. going as far as connecting the Ditto to the “we connect” app and creating my own vibration patterns. Needless to say, my partner joined in and we ended up having on of our best sexual nights. The We-Vibe Ditto toy was definitely an extra kinky touch added to our sex lives and we took full advantage! We also went as far as trying it out in the bathtub and that was a hell of a ride as well! I would recommend this to anyone (yes, ANYONE regardless of sex and gender) who wants to try out something new and explore the sensations we have down there. Definitely worth a shot!



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