Looking Forward To Round 2 With The Dreamy Desire Set Tonight


We-Vibe Dreamy DesireMy husband got us the Dreamy Desire set as an anniversary gift. I had heard good things about both the We-Vibe 4 Plus, as well as the Touch so I was ecstatic! It ended up being all I hoped for and more! We used both toys at the same time (the We-Vibe 4 PLUS in my butt and the Touch in my vagina) and I ended up having multiple orgasms.. which happens extremely rarely! My husband was very turned on and excited by this as well. These toys have definitely brought excitement back into our bedroom and we couldn’t be happier! I am now recommending the Dreamy Desire set to everyone I know – it’s that good. You also can’t beat the price as it would be way more expensive to get them individually. I can’t stop thanking my husband for making the move, and I’m looking forward to another round tonight using my own vibrations I created with the we connect app!



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