Good Vibrations – The Dreamy Desire


We-Vibe Dreamy Desire

The Dreamy Desire is a set that comes with both the We-Vibe 4 PLUS and the Touch. I was interested in buying this bundle since it was way more cost-effective than if I were to buy the toys separately. I was initially only interested in the We-Vibe 4 PLUS, but now that I have actually put the Touch to action, I must say I am happy to have both.. and so is my husband! We alternate between using both toys together during intercourse, or one at a time. I also enjoy using these toys solo. It has made a huge difference in our sex life and has made things more exciting for the both of us. We tried using them with the app the other day and we very satisfied with our experience. When we are trying to be more subtle, the vibrations do not wake up our kids – which we can really appreciate! I would recommend the Dreamy Desire set to all my friends!



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