A Clit’s Dream


I bought the Form 4 for my girlfriend to warm her up before sex. She doesn’t orgasm from penetration easily, and normally enjoys the attention on her clitoris, but since using the Form 4, she seems to have opened up! It’s also great for shallow penetration, so it’s good for build-up. We also take trips together quite often and we like that it has a lock function (although we didn’t know that when we first got it and it went off. We had a good laugh about it later!) Unlike the few other toys we own, the Form 4 is rechargeable, and doesn’t take long to get to a full charge, which has saved us so much money in comparison to all the batteries we’ve bought for the cheap vibrators in our past. We’ve owned this toy for over a year, still can’t get enough of it, and can see ourselves using it for years to come. It has a 3 year warrantee and exceptional high grade silicone quality, so I’m not worried about it 😉



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