Shaped Like A Tongue, Hard To Put Down


The tongue-shaped Form 3 is great for couple’s play. Because of its shape and small size, it’s easy to get between bodies and is great to use during sex. The Form 3 takes the shape of your hand, so you do not need to stop and look at it to change the speeds. Your thumb naturally lays on the power button, so it makes it easy. It has 3 different modes of vibrations and 5 different speeds. You can use it at any angle that best suits your preference (I like the tip pressed firmly on my clitoris). When you turn it off and on, it goes back to the last speed you left it on .. which is very practical because I’m impatient and hate taking the time to try and find my favorite setting. Of course the Form 3 is also rechargeable and waterproof, which is a huge bonus in comparison to my other toys. It’s been hard to put it down!!



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