Pure Power


I bought the Form 2 by Jimmyjane because a few of my girlfriends own it and swear by it. They said it was the reason they tossed their Hitachi magic wand away. I initially found it hard to believe that a toy so small could replace the big and powerful Hitachi, but I took their word for it. I’m happy to say I have been very pleasantly surprised! This thing is POWERFUL! Don’t let its size fool you. After only a couple of uses, I am now totally hooked on the low frequency vibes of the Form 2. I am not sure if I will ever need to turn it all the way up because of how powerful it is; and I’m someone who normally needs very high intensities to get off. Unlike some rabbit vibrators I’ve tried, the Form 2 doesn’t stop vibrating when it touches the body, instead, it vibrates more rapidly than ever! I personally love clitoral vibrators and this one’s hands down the best one I’ve tried. It has 2 “ears” and is dual-motored, so you get double the pleasure! I also appreciate that it’s waterproof because I plan on using it in the bath 🙂 Overall I am very happy with my purchase!



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