Sex Life Was Good, Now It’s GREAT


I got into kegel exercises after I had my first baby.  I started with Je Joue’s Ami which included three progressive kegel exercisers.  Once I got the hang of those with a lot of training, I decided to challenge myself with the Ami +.  This is an amazing exercise that I suggest doing in the comfort of your home until you build your pelvic floor strength, because this sucker is heavy and feels like it can fall out of you at any moment when you first start using it. It has smaller beads inside the silicone that move around as I move, and although subtle, they feel really great.  Don’t forget to lube it up to insert it, and once it’s in, it’s really comfortable.  Once you build your pelvic floor strength, you won’t even notice it there.  My partner and I have both noticed a big improvement in my sex life as well, my orgasms are so much stronger and it’s been much easier to reach climax.



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